Billion BiPAC-7800N WAN Profile

This is the WAN Profile screen from the Billion BiPAC-7800N router.

Keywords on The Billion BiPAC-7800N WAN Profile Screenshot

The following words were detected on the Billion BiPAC-7800N WAN Profile screenshot.

Configuration WAN Connection WAN Connection PPPoA Routed Profile Port 3G ADSL Protocol PPPoE RFC2516 PPP over Ethernet PPPoA RFC2864 PPP over AAL5 MPoA RFC1483 RFC2684 Multiprotocol Encapsulation over AAL5 IPoA RFC1577 Classic IP and ARP over ATM Pure Bridge Description VPI VCI ATM Class UBR CBR VBR-rt VBR UBRPlus QFC Username Password NAT Enable IP 0 0 0 0 Auto Auth Protocol Chap Auto Pap None nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Connection Always On Connect on Demand Idle Timeout min s MTU RIP RIP v1 RIP v2 RIP v2 Multicast TCP MSS Clamp Enable Obtain DNS Automatic Primary Secondary Edit Name Description Creator VPI VCI Delete wanlink PPPoA WAN Link QuickStart 8 35