Asus RT-AC66U IPv6

This is the IPv6 screen from the Asus RT-AC66U router.

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ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC66U - IPv6 Please wait, Proceeding...     IPv6 Configure the IPv6 Internet setting of RT-AC66U. IPv6 FAQ Basic Config Connection type Disable Native Tunnel 6to4 Tunnel 6in4 Tunnel 6rd Static IPv6 Interface PPP Ethernet DHCP-PD Enable Disable Server IPv4 Address IPv4 Anycast Relay DHCP Option Enable Disable IPv6 Prefix IPv6 Prefix Length IPv4 Border Router IPv4 Router Mask Length Client IPv6 Address IPv6 Prefix Length Tunnel MTU Tunnel TTL IPv6 WAN Setting WAN IPv6 Address WAN Prefix Length WAN IPv6 Gateway IPv6 LAN Setting LAN IPv6 Address LAN IPv6 Address LAN Prefix Length LAN Prefix Length LAN IPv6 Prefix LAN IPv6 Prefix Auto Configuration Stateless Stateful DHCP pool start :: DHCP pool end :: Lifetime (sec) IPv6 DNS Setting Connect to DNS Server automatically Enable Disable IPv6 DNS Server 1 IPv6 DNS Server 2 IPv6 DNS Server 3 Auto Configuration Setting Enable Router Advertisement Enable Disable Receive Advertisement ? Disable From WAN From LAN