Asus RT-AC66U WirelessProfessional

This is the WirelessProfessional screen from the Asus RT-AC66U router.

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ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC66U - Professional     Wireless - Professional Wireless Professional Setting allows you to set up additional parameters for wireless. But default values are recommended. * Remind: Did not synchronize your system time with NTP server yet. Frequency 2.4GHz 5GHz Enable Radio Yes No Enable wireless scheduler Yes No Date to Enable Radio (week days) Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri You cannot leave this field blank! Time of Day to Enable Radio : - : Date to Enable Radio (weekend) Sat Sun You cannot leave this field blank! Time of Day to Enable Radio : - : Set AP Isolated Yes No Data Rate(Mbps): Auto 1 2 5.5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54 Enable IGMP Snooping Enable Disable Multicast Rate(Mbps) Auto Basic Rate Set: Default All 1, 2 Mbps Preamble Type Long Short Auto Fragmentation Threshold AMPDU RTS Enable Disable RTS Threshold DTIM Interval Beacon Interval Enable TX Bursting Disable Enable Enable Packet Aggregation Disable Enable Enable Greenfield Disable Enable Enable WMM Auto Enable Disable Enable WMM No-Acknowledgement Disable Enable Enable WMM APSD Disable Enable Enable WMM DLS Disable Enable Enhanced interference management Disable Enable Reducing USB 3.0 interference Disable Enable Optimize AMPDU aggregation Disable Enable Optimize ack suppression Disable Enable Turbo QAM Disable Enable Explicit beamforming Disable Enable Implicit beamforming Disable Enable Tx power adjustment mW Set the capability for transmission power. The maximum value is 200 mW and the real transmission power will be dynamically adjusted to meet regional regulations. Tx power adjustment %