Billion BiPAC-7800N ADSL Status

This is the ADSL Status screen from the Billion BiPAC-7800N router.

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Status ADSL Status Parameters DSP Firmware Version E 25 41 55 A Connected true Operational Mode G Dmt BisPlus Annex Type AnnexA Upstream 1020000 Downstream 13268900 Elapsed Time 0 day 9 hr 13 min 49 sec SNR Margin Upstream 6 5 dB SNR Margin Downstream 6 95 dB Line Attenuation Upstream 18 5 dB Line Attenuation Downstream 40 0 dB CRC Errors Upstream 0 CRC Errors Downstream 0 Latency Upstream Interleave Latency Downstream Interleave