2wire 2701HG Default Password

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To login to the 2Wire 2701HG router's setup pages you need to know the default username and password.

If you have an Internet password be aware that this is not normally the same. Most people don't need to know this password and username as it is only used to access the configuration pages of your router.

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Default Password for the 2wire 2701HG

Below is all the known 2Wire 2701HG default usernames and passwords. Give each of them a try in order to open up your router's interface.


Router manufacturers are always updating the firmware of their routers to keep up with the growing technology. Sometimes these new updates will contain a new username and password. If the above usernames and passwords didn't work give our default 2Wire passwords a try also. This list contains all the different 2Wire router defaults.

Note: The password used to login to your router isn't normally the same as the password used to connect to your Internet.

Default IP Address for the 2wire 2701HG

If you are logging into the 2Wire 2701HG router you may also need to know the router's default IP address. You type this address into the web address bar. This address is how your computer finds the router on your wireless network.

Take a look at the list below. It holds all the known 2Wire 2701HG default IP addresses.

Tip: The correct IP address may not appear in this list. If this is the case for your router try using our free Router Detector software to find out the correct IP address.

2wire 2701HG Password Does Not Work

There are different reasons the 2Wire 2701HG default passwords didn't work. In most cases someone has changed the password at some point in the past.

If you have exhausted all the above combinations and still can't login to the 2Wire 2701HG you will need to reset your router. You can follow our step by step guide titled How to Reset the 2Wire 2701HG.

Make sure to follow the warnings at the top of that guide. Resetting your router can disrupt your Internet connection if you don't know the ISP username and password.

2wire 2701HG Help

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This is the password guide for the 2wire 2701HG. We also have the following guides for the same router: