Buffalo WHR-HP-G54-Tomato Administration Debugging

This is the Administration Debugging screen from the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54-Tomato router.

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gateway Admin Debugging Tomato Version 1 19 Status Overview Device List Logs Bandwidth Real-Time Last 24 Hours Daily Weekly Monthly Tools Ping Trace Wireless Survey WOL Basic Advanced Port Forwarding QoS Access Restriction Administration Admin Access Bandwidth Monitoring Buttons LED CIFS Client Configuration Debugging JFFS2 Logging Scheduler Scripts Upgrade About Reboot Shutdown gateway Debugging Avoid performing an NVRAM commit Enable cprintf output to console Enable cprintf output to tmp cprintf Enable DDNS output to tmp mdu- Count cache memory as free memory Avoid displaying LAN to router connections Console log level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Clear Cookies NVRAM Commit Reboot Shutdown Download CFE Download Iptables Dump Download Logs Download NVRAM Dump Warning The NVRAM Dump text file may contain information like wireless encryption keys and usernames passwords for the router ISP and DDNS Please review amp edit this file before sharing it with anyone