Buffalo WHR-HP-G54-Tomato Advanced Miscellaneous

This is the Advanced Miscellaneous screen from the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54-Tomato router.

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gateway Advanced Miscellaneous Tomato Version 1 19 Status Overview Device List Logs Bandwidth Real-Time Last 24 Hours Daily Weekly Monthly Tools Ping Trace Wireless Survey WOL Basic Advanced Conntrack Netfilter DHCP DNS Firewall MAC Address Miscellaneous Routing Wireless Port Forwarding QoS Access Restriction Administration About Reboot Shutdown gateway Miscellaneous Boot Wait Time 3 seconds 4 seconds 5 seconds 6 seconds 7 seconds 8 seconds 9 seconds 10 seconds 11 seconds 12 seconds 13 seconds 14 seconds 15 seconds 16 seconds 17 seconds 18 seconds 19 seconds 20 seconds WAN Port Speed 10Mb Full 10Mb Half 100Mb Full 100Mb Half Auto Not all models support these options