How to Reset the Linksys SPA-2100

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Here I will show you how to reset the Linksys SPA-2100 phone adapter.

There is some confusion between the term reset and reboot. In this guide when I use the term reboot I am referring to a cycle in the power to the unit. When I use the term reset I am referring to full factory restore of all settings. This means all your personal data is erased.

Warning: A reset is a big step. Make sure you understand that ALL your settings are erased. It is a good idea to make a list of all the settings you have changed in the past. The settings could include:

  • The router's main username and password used to access the router's main username and password..
  • Any port forwarding you have done in the past.
  • IP addresses that have been changed.
  • Parental controls, DNS, etc...

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Reset the Linksys SPA-2100

To reset the Linksys SPA-2100 phone adapter you need to have a phone plugged into the back of the adapter.

Use the keypad of the phone to select ****.

Next, wait until you hear Sipura configuration menu. Please enter option followed by the pound key or hang-up to exit.

At this point key in 73738 followed by the pound key #.

You will then be asked to confirm this by pressing 1 or canceling it by pressing the *.

Once you have confirmed the reset, wait until you hear Option Successful.

Hang up the phone then the reset will begin followed by a reboot.

DO NOT unplug or turn off the phone adapter during the reset process. It could cause permanent damage to the device.

Remember a reset like this erases all your personal data. I strongly recommend trying other troubleshooting methods before you continue.

Login to the Linksys SPA-2100

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Change Your Password

Now that you have successfully logged into the router you should consider changing the password. Default passwords are easy to guess, making them bad at keeping your router secure. If you need any help on making a secure password for your router, visit our Choosing a Strong Password guide.

Tip: Worried about losing your password? Try writing it down on a note of some kind and attach it to the bottom of the router.

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This is the reset router guide for the Linksys SPA-2100. We also have the following guides for the same router: