Technicolor Passwords

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March 05, 2020 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

Below is list of all the username and password combinations that we are aware of for Technicolor routers.

If you are unable to login to your rouer you may need to reset it. We have a How to Reset Your Router guide that may help in this case.

If you know of a username or password for any Technicolor routers, please let us know and we'll get it added to our site.

Technicolor Model Username Password
7230s blank admin
C2000T CenturyLink admin located on bottom of router
CGA0111 blank admin
CGM4140COM admin password
CGM4231MDC provided by ISP provided by ISP
DJA0231 admin Telstra
DPC3848V cusadmin unknown
DPC3939 admin password
EPC3940ADL admin password
MediaAccess TG1100 FastWeb fastweb blank
MediaAccess TG589vac v2 admin printed on router
MediaAccess TG589vn v3 admin admin
MediaAccess TG789vac v2 iiNet admin admin
MediaAccess TGiiNet-1 admin admin
TC4400 admin bEn2o#US9s
TC4400 user password
TC4400 user Techni1789#
TC7110 blank admin
TC7200 admin admin
TC7200 blank admin
TC7200-U admin admin
TC7200K admin password
TC7200v2 admin admin
TC7210 blank admin
TC7210.dNZ blank admin
TC7210.Z ziggo draadloos
TC7230 admin admin
TC7300 admin 4135279
TC8305C admin password
TC8715D admin password
TC8717T admin password
TD5130 admin admin
TD5130 v3 admin admin
TD5136v2 admin admin
TD5336 admin admin
TG389ac admin admin
TG582n admin SerialNumber
TG582n TELMEX same as default WPA key, printed on router
TG582n v2 MediaAccess access key on label access key on label
TG582n v2 MediaAccess blank blank
TG582n-O2 Administrator blank
TG587n admin admin
TG587n Administrator blank
TG587n Administrator printed on label
TG589vn v2 admin admin
TG589vn v3 Administrator Printed on router
TG784n Administrator blank or access key on label
TG784n Administrator blank or the access key printed on label
TG784n v3 Administrator printed on router
TG784n v3 MaxisBB printed on router
TG784n v3 meo meo
TG788Avn STC admin admin
TG788vn Administrator blank
TG788vn Administrator blank
TG788vn Administrator printed on router label
TG788vn v2 MediaAccess admin admin
TG789Bvn Admin unknown
TG789Bvn Expert unknown
TG789Bvn User unknown
TG789vac MediaAccess admin admin
TG789vac MediaAccess user user
TG789vac v2 MediaAccess iiNet admin blank
TG789vn admin blank
TG789vn Administrator Blank or Printed on Routers Label
TG797nv3 admin password
TG799vacXTREAM admin printed on router
TG799vn admin password
TG799vn v2 Administrator printed on router
TG799vn v3 Administrator printed on router
TG800vac admin admin
TG852n admin 1234