Ubiquiti NanoStation5 Network

This is the Network screen from the Ubiquiti NanoStation5 router.

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: [NanoStation5] - Network Setup Tools: Align Antenna... Site Survey... Ping... Traceroute... Speed Test...   Network Mode: Bridge Router Disable Network: None LAN WLAN   WLAN Network Settings WLAN IP Address: DHCP   PPPoE   Static IP Address: Auto IP Aliasing: Netmask: IP Aliases: Gateway IP: Primary DNS IP: Secondary DNS IP: PPPoE Username: PPPoE Password: PPPoE MTU/MRU: / PPPoE Encryption: Enable DMZ: DMZ Management Port: DMZ IP: DHCP Fallback IP:   LAN Network Settings IP Address: Auto IP Aliasing: Netmask: IP Aliases: Enable NAT: Enable DHCP Server: Range Start: Range End: Netmask: Lease Time: seconds Enable DNS Proxy: Port Forwarding:   Multicast Routing Settings Enable Mcast Routing: Multicast Upstream: WLAN LAN   Firewall Settings Enable Firewall:     © Copyright 2006-2015 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.