Ubiquiti NanoStation5 Advanced

This is the Advanced screen from the Ubiquiti NanoStation5 router.

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: [NanoStation5] - Advanced Tools: Align Antenna... Site Survey... Ping... Traceroute... Speed Test...   Advanced Wireless Settings AirMax Priority: High Medium Low None Rate Algorithm: Optimistic Conservative EWMA Noise Immunity: Enabled RTS Threshold: Off Fragmentation Threshold: Off Distance: miles ( km ) ACK Timeout:   Auto Adjust SuperAG Features: Fast Frame Bursting Compression Enable PowerStream: --> Multicast Data: Allow All Multicast Rate, Mbps: Extra Reporting: Enabled Installer EIRP Calculation: Enabled   Antenna Antenna Settings: Horizontal Vertical Adaptive External   Signal LED Thresholds Thresholds, dBm:    LED1    LED2    LED3    LED4 -   -   -   -     Wireless Traffic Shaping Enable Traffic Shaping: Incoming Traffic Limit: kbit/s Incoming Traffic Burst: KBytes Outgoing Traffic Limit: kbit/s Outgoing Traffic Burst: KBytes   802.11e QoS (WMM) Settings QoS (WMM) Level: No QoS Auto Priority Video Priority Voice Priority     © Copyright 2006-2015 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.