ZTE Passwords

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March 05, 2020 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Below is list of all the username and password combinations that we are aware of for ZTE routers.

If you are unable to login to your rouer you may need to reset it. We have a How to Reset Your Router guide that may help in this case.

If you know of a username or password for any ZTE routers, please let us know and we'll get it added to our site.

ZTE Model Username Password
AC30 admin admin
AR550 admin admin
Bavo ZXV10-W300 admin admin
DNA Mokkula 4G MF920V blank 1234
F609 admin admin
F612W admin admin
F620 admin admin
F660 admin admin
F660 user user
F668 admin admin
F668 admin password
F670 admin admin
F670 user user
H220N HPN blank
H220N KPN blank
H268A admin admin
H268A user user
H368N admin admin
H369A user user
IX380 Wateen admin admin
IX380 Wateen user user
MF275R blank admin
MF279 blank attadmin
MF279T blank admin
MF283 blank 1234
MF283 blank admin
MF283V blank admin
MF286 blank same as default wifi, printed on router
MF28B blank blank
MF28B blank blank
MF29A blank admin
MF368 MTN mtn admin
MF612 admin admin
MF65 blank smartbro
MF65M blank admin
MF90 admin admin
MF910 admin admin
MF910 blank password
MF910V admin admin
MF910V blank password
MF920V admin admin
MF923 blank attadmin
MF93D admin admin
MF975S Sprint blank password
NetFasteR WLAN admin admin
Speedport Entry 2i admin on router label
Z-917 blank admin
Z288L admin printed on router
Z700A blank attadmin
ZXDSL 531B admin admin
ZXDSL 831CII admin admin
ZXDSL 931VII admin admin
ZXDSL 931VII Netvigator user user
ZXDSL 931VII T-Mobile 3play 3play
ZXDSL-831AII admin admin
ZXHN F609 admin admin
ZXHN F620 admin admin
ZXHN H108L admin admin
ZXHN H108N admin admin
ZXHN H108N user blank
ZXHN H108N Bayan admin bayandsl
ZXHN H108N Telkom admin admin
ZXHN H108N v2 TE Data admin admin
ZXHN H108N v2.5 user user
ZXHN H118N Vivacom user user
ZXHN H168N admin unknown
ZXHN H168N user blank
ZXHN H198A v3.0 admin aisadmin
ZXHN H208N admin admin
ZXHN H208N cytauser cytauser
ZXHN H267A cytauser cytauser
ZXHN H267A tmadmin tmadmin
ZXHN H267A v1.0 admin superonline
ZXHN H267N admin admin
ZXHN H267N Cyta cytauser cytauser
ZXHN H268A admin admin
ZXHN H298N admin password
ZXHN H298N located on the back of the router located on the back of the router
ZXHN H298N user user
ZXHN H367A v1.0 1234 1234
ZXHN H367N admin admin
ZXHN H368C admin admin
ZXV10 H201L admin admin
ZXV10 H208L admin admin
ZXV10 W300 admin admin