This is the SNTP screen from the ZTE ZXHN H267N router.

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ZXHN H267N are you sure? Current Time: Loading... ZXHN H267N Logout admin Internet_PortForwarding_t.lp mmInternet smSecurity ssmPortForwarding 0 Page Information This page provides the parameters of port forwarding configuration features. /common_page/PortForwarding_lua.lua Port Forwarding What should be noticed when configuring port forwarding? By using Port Forwarding, the home gateway forward the access information from the WAN to the specific IP address and port of a host in the LAN. This function allows users to access the virtual host server in the LAN from the WAN. Note that the WAN and LAN host port range value should be equal. Close New Item On    Off Your data has been stored! Name Length: 1 ~ 32 Protocol TCP UDP TCP And UDP WAN Connection Internet VDSL Voice FXS VDSL TR069 VDSL Internet ADSL Voice FXS ADSL TR069 ADSL WAN Host IP Range . . . ~ . . . MAC Mapping On    Off LAN Host MAC Address : : : : : LAN Host IP . . . WAN Port Range Range: 1 ~ 65535 ~ Range: 1 ~ 65535 LAN Host Port Range Range: 1 ~ 65535 ~ Create New Item Bringing You Closer ©2008-2015 ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved   |   ZXHN H267N V1.0.0T5_BOSNIA