How to Reset the Digitus HP-400S

On this page we will explain how to reset the Digitus HP-400S router. Before we begin I need to explain the difference between a reset and a reboot. When you reboot a router you cycle the power to the device. When you reset a router you take all the settings and return every setting back to it's original factory default.

Warning: A reset erases every single setting you have ever changed on your device. We recommend making a list of any setting you have changed on your Digitus HP-400S router. Consider the following:

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Reset the Digitus HP-400S

Now you need to locate the reset button on your device. Unfortunately I couldn't find an image of the reset button for you. However I can show you a different router's reset button for size and normal placement.

This button is typically very small and recessed to avoid accidentally resetting the router. Once you find it take the end of an unfolded paperclip and press down on the reset button for about 10 seconds to initiate the reset process. If you don't hold this button down for long enough you may end up simply rebooting the router instead of resetting it like you wanted.

Remember this WILL erase every single setting you have ever changed on this device. To avoid that you should try other troubleshooting techniques before decidng to reset.

Login to the Digitus HP-400S

Next you'll log into the Digitus HP-400S router. This is done using the default username and password. Not sure what these are? We have have them listed for you in our Login Guide.

Tip: If it seems the defaults aren't working for you it could be because you didn't hold the reset button down for long enough.

Change Your Password

Now that you've logged in we strongly recommend changing the default password. Keep in mind that a strong password can be difficult to come up with. For help be sure to take a look through our Choosing a Strong Password Guide.

Tip: Afraid of losing your new password? Try writing it on a sticky note and attaching it to the underside of your router.


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