Huawei B593 Port Mapping

This is the Port Mapping screen from the Huawei B593 router.

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Portmapping NAT Settings - gt Port Mapping Port Mapping If the PC server for example FTP server in the intranet is enabled for the Internet port mapping is required so that all the accesses to the external server port from the Internet are redirected to the PC server in the intranet Port Mapping Delete All Add Item Settings Type Custom Domain Name Server DNS FTP server IPSec Mail POP3 Mail SMTP PPTP Real Player 8 Plus Secure shell server SSH Secure web server HTTPS SNMP SNMP trap Telnet server TFTP Web server Protocol UDP TCP TCP UDP Remote Host Remote Port Range nbsp nbsp nbsp Local Host nbsp nbsp nbsp Local Port nbsp nbsp nbsp Status Enabled Disabled Submit nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Port Mapping It is also called port forwarding All accesses to the specified external server port from the Internet are redirected to the intranet server Type indicates the type of the preset port mapping template which is used as a quick configuration wizard Remote Host restricts the service application range on the Internet Only the computers whose IP addresses are authorized can access the Internet Local Host indicates the IP address of the intranet server