Huawei B593 Internet Status

This is the Internet Status screen from the Huawei B593 router.

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Status - gt Internet Internet This page displays the connection status and traffic volume statistics of the Internet Note Contact the operator for the accurate traffic volume and online duration Status SIM card status No SIM Card Network mode WCDMA Connection status Connected IP MAC Statistics Clean Uplink downlink rate 0 Kbps 0 Kbps Uplink downlink volume 654 65 GB 1 73 TB Total volume 2 37 TB On-line time 1114 nbsp day nbsp 14 nbsp hour nbsp 59 nbsp minute nbsp 46 nbsp second nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Status Indicates the status of the Internet SIM card status indicates the status of the SIM card Network mode indicates the mode used for the network e g GSM WCDMA or LTE The symbol --- indicates that the router is not connected to any network Connection status indicates the status of the network IP amp MAC indicates the network address and physical address of the Internet Statistics Indicates the traffic volume statistics of the Internet Uplink downlink rate indicates the real-time rate of services on the Internet Uplink downlink volume indicates the uplink or downlink volume for the router Total volume indicates the sum of the uplink and downlink volumes for the router On-line time indicates the total online duration of the Internet