How to Reset the Linkskey LKR-604

Have you been trying to login to the Linkskey LKR-604 router without success? It might be time to consider a reset. A reset is not the same thing as a reboot. When you reboot a router you cycle the power to the unit. When you reset a router you take all the settings and revert them back to factory defaults.

Warning: Resetting this device is a big step. We recommend trying other methods of troubleshooting first. It's also a good idea to create a list of possible settings you have changed in the past. Theses will include the:

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Reset the Linkskey LKR-604

Below is an image of the back and side panels of the Linkskey LKR-604 router. I have circled the reset button for you in red. Notice that this button is more of a pinhole rather than a button. This is to avoid accidentally resetting the device.

While the router is turned on take a straightened paperclip or similar object and press down on the reset button for about 10 seconds. This begins the reset process. If you don't hold the reset button down for long enough you might end up only rebooting the device instead of resetting it like you wanted.

Warning: Do not unplug the Linkskey LKR-604 router during the reset process! If you do it may permanently damage the device.

Please take the time to consider other troubleshooting methods before you continue. A reset like this one erases every single setting you have ever changed in the past.

Login to the Linkskey LKR-604

Now that you have finished resetting the Linkskey LKR-604 router you should login using the default values. The default IP address, username and password can be found in our Linkskey LKR-604 Login Guide.

Tip: If the defaults are not working it is possible you didn't hold the reset button down for long enough.

Change Your Password

It is always a good idea to change default passwords as soon as possible. This password is no exception. This password protects your router settings. Follow the Choosing a Strong Password guide to help you create a strong password.

Tip: Want to avoid losing this password? Try writing it down on a piece of paper and sticking it to the bottom of the router for future reference.


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