How to Reset the Linksys RV082

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On this page I will be showing you how to reset the Linksys RV082v1.1 router back to factory defaults.

There is some confusion between a reset and a reboot. The term reset is often used to mean both. In this guide when I use the term reboot I am referring to a cycle in the power to the unit. This is done if you are experiencing minor behavioral issues with your router. When I use the term reset I am always referring to a factory restore of all settings. This means all your personal data will be lost and replaced with the factory original settings.

Warning: A reset like this one is a big step and should not be taken lightly. I strongly recommend trying other troubleshooting methods before you begin. Once you know you want to reset the Linksys RV082v1.1 router you should make a list of all the settings you may of changed in the past. These settings could include:

  • The router's main username and password used to access the router setup section.
  • Any port forwarding you may have done in the past.
  • IP addresses that have been changed.
  • Parental controls, DNS, etc...

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Reset the Linksys RV082

Below I have an image of the front panel of the Linksys RV082v1.1 router. The reset button/pinhole is located in the lower right corner of the front panel. I have circled it for you in the image below.

router reset factory settings
This is the reset page from your Linksys RV082 router.

While the router is powered on take a small sharp object such as pin or straightened paperclip and press down on the reset button for approximately 30 seconds. This is important because if you don't hold the reset button down that long you may simply reboot it instead of resetting it like you wanted.

DO NOT unplug or turn off the router during the reset process. If you do you could cause permanent damage to the device.

Remember this reset erases all your personal data. A reset should only be done if you have exhausted your other troubleshooting options.

Login to the Linksys RV082

Next you will need to login to the router using the default IP address, username, and password. Not sure what these are? Check them out in our Login Guide for the Linksys RV082v1.1 router.

Tip: If the defaults are not working you might not have held down the button for long enough during the router reset.

Change Your Password

After you login to the router, it is important to change the password as soon as possible. Default passwords are easy to guess and are not very secure. Visit our Choosing a Strong Password guide if you need any advice on how to create a secure password.

Tip: There are lots of ways to keep your router password safe. How about writing it down on a sticky note and putting it on the bottom of the router for safekeeping.

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This is the reset router guide for the Linksys RV082 v1.1. We also have the following guides for the same router: