Nucom R5000UNv2 QoSQueueSetup

This is the QoSQueueSetup screen from the Nucom R5000UNv2 router.

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QoS Queue Setup In ATM mode, maximum 16 queues can be configured. In PTM mode, maximum 8 queues can be configured. For each Ethernet interface, maximum 4 queues can be configured. If you disable WMM function in Wireless Page, queues related to wireless will not take effects The QoS function has been disabled. Queues would not take effects. Name Key Interface Scheduler Alg Precedence Weight DSL Latency PTM Priority Enable Remove WMM Voice Priority 1 wl0 SP 1       Enabled   WMM Voice Priority 2 wl0 SP 2       Enabled   WMM Video Priority 3 wl0 SP 3       Enabled   WMM Video Priority 4 wl0 SP 4       Enabled   WMM Best Effort 5 wl0 SP 5       Enabled   WMM Background 6 wl0 SP 6       Enabled   WMM Background 7 wl0 SP 7       Enabled   WMM Best Effort 8 wl0 SP 8       Enabled   Default Queue 34 atm0 SP 8   Path0     Default Queue 39 atm1 SP 8   Path0     Default Queue 40 atm2 SP 8   Path0     Default Queue 41 atm3 SP 8   Path0     Default Queue 42 atm4 SP 8   Path0