Nucom R5000UNv2 VirtualServersAdd

This is the VirtualServersAdd screen from the Nucom R5000UNv2 router.

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NAT -- Virtual Servers Select the service name, and enter the server IP address and click "Apply/Save" to forward IP packets for this service to the specified server. NOTE: The "Internal Port End" cannot be modified directly. Normally, it is set to the same value as "External Port End". However, if you modify "Internal Port Start", then "Internal Port End" will be set to the same value as "Internal Port Start" . Remaining number of entries that can be configured: 29  Use Interface // done hiding --> Use Interface pppoe_0_8_60/ppp0 pppoa_0_8_64/pppoa1 pppoa_0_8_48/pppoa2 pppoa_0_8_35/pppoa3 pppoe_0_0_35/ppp4 mobile/ppp3g0 Service Name:    Select a Service:    Select One Active Worlds Age of Empires Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome Age of Empires II Expansion: The Conquerors Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Age of Kings Age of Wonders Aliens vs. Predator AOL Instant Messenger Audiogalaxy Satellite AUTH Baldur's Gate BattleCom Battlefield Communicator Black and White Blizzard Buddy Phone Camara IP Camerades CART Precision Racing Close Combat for Windows Close Combat III: The Russian Front Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater Combat Flight Simulator: WWII Europe Series Crimson Skies CuSeeMe Dark Reign 2 Delta Force 2 Delta Three PC to Phone Descent 3 Descent Freespace Diablo I Diablo II DialPad.Com DirectX 7 Games DirectX 8 Games Domain Name Server (DNS) Doom Dune 2000 Dwyco Video Conferencing Elite Force Everquest F-16 F-22 Lightning 3 F-22 Raptor F22 Raptor (Novalogic) Falcon 4.0 Fighter Ace II Flight Simulator 2000 Freetel FTP Server GNUtella Golf 2001 Edition Go2Call Half Life Half Life Server Heretic II Server I76 ICUII Client Ivisit IPSEC IRC IStreamVideo2HP KaZaA Kohan Immortal Sovereigns LapLink Gold Links 2001 Lotus Notes Server Mail (POP3) Mail (SMTP) MechCommander 2.0 MechWarrior 4 Media Player 7 Midtown Madness 2 Mig 29 Monster Truck Madness 2 Motocross Madness 2 Motorhead Server MSN Gaming Zone MSN Messenger Myth Myth II Server Myth: The Fallen Lords Need for Speed NetMech Netmeeting 2.0, 3.0, Intel Video Phone Network Time Protocol (NTP) News Server (NNTP) OKWeb OKWin Outlaws Pal Talk pcAnywhere v7.5 PhoneFree Polycom ViaVideo H.323 Polycom ViaVideo H.324 PPTP Quake Quake II (Client and Server) Quake III RealAudio Real Player 8 Plus Red Alert Rise of Rome Roger Wilco Rogue Spear Secure Shell Server (SSH) Secure Web Server (HTTPS) ShoutCast SNMP SNMP Trap Speak Freely StarCraft Starfleet Command StarLancer SWAT3 Telnet Server The 4th Coming TFTP Tiberian Sun: C&C III Total Annihilation Ultima Unreal Tournament Urban Assault VoxPhone 3.0 Warbirds 2 Web Server (HTTP) WebPhone 3.0 Westwood Online Windows 2000 Terminal Server X Windows Yahoo Pager Yahoo Messenger Chat    Custom Service:    Server IP Address: Status:            Enable Disable External Port Start External Port End Protocol Internal Port Start Internal Port End TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP TCP/UDP TCP UDP