Nucom R5000UNv2 WirelessBasic

This is the WirelessBasic screen from the Nucom R5000UNv2 router.

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Wireless -- Basic This page allows you to configure basic features of the wireless LAN interface. You can enable or disable the wireless LAN interface, hide the network from active scans, set the wireless network name (also known as SSID) and restrict the channel set based on country requirements. Click "Apply/Save" to configure the basic wireless options. Enable WLAN Button Enable Wireless Enable Autogeneration Hide Access Point Clients Isolation Disable WMM Advertise Enable Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMF) SSID: BSSID: Country: Max Clients:     Enable Wireless Guest Network Guest SSID: Wireless - Guest/Virtual Access Points: Enabled SSID Hidden Isolate Clients Disable WMM Advertise Enable WMF Max Clients BSSID N/A N/A N/A