Nucom R5000UNv2 WirelessBridge

This is the WirelessBridge screen from the Nucom R5000UNv2 router.

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Wireless -- Bridge This page allows you to configure wireless bridge features of the wireless LAN interface. You can select Wireless Bridge (also known as Wireless Distribution System) to disable access point functionality. Selecting Access Point enables access point functionality. Wireless bridge functionality will still be available and wireless stations will be able to associate to the AP. Select Disabled in Bridge Restrict which disables wireless bridge restriction. Any wireless bridge will be granted access. Selecting Enabled or Enabled(Scan) enables wireless bridge restriction. Only those bridges selected in Remote Bridges will be granted access. Click "Refresh" to update the remote bridges. Wait for few seconds to update. Click "Apply/Save" to configure the wireless bridge options. AP Mode: Access Point Wireless Bridge Bridge Restrict: Enabled Enabled(Scan) Disabled Remote Bridges MAC Address: Remote Bridges MAC Address:   SSID BSSID