How to Reset the Buffalo WBMR-125G

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On this page we will show you how to reset the Buffalo WBMR-G125 router back to factory defaults. This is not the same thing as rebooting a router. A reboot is going to cycle the power to the device. A router reset is taking all the settings and reverting every one of them back to factory defaults.

Warning: A router reset can be problematic if you don't know what settings are changed. We recommend making a list of all the settings you have changed in the past. We have started this list for you below:

  • The router username and password.
  • The Internet name and password.
  • If you use a DSL router you need to re-enter the ISP or Internet Service Provider username and password.
  • Any other settings you have changed in the past such as port forwards or DNS address changes.

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Reset the Buffalo WBMR-125G

Begin by locating the reset button. This is typically a very small recessed button on the back panel of the device. We have circled it's location for you in the image below.

router reset factory settings
This is the reset page from your Buffalo WBMR-125G router.

Take the tip of a sharp pencil or pen and press down on this button for about 10 seconds. If you only press and release this button it may only reboot the router instead of resetting it like you wanted.

Remember that this reset is going to erase every setting you have ever made to this router. It is a good idea to try other methods of troubleshooting before you try resetting.

Login to the Buffalo WBMR-125G

After the reset is complete you need to login to the router using the proper default username and password. If you don't know this information you can find it in our Buffalo WBMR-G125 Login Guide.

Change Your Password

It's now a good idea to change the default password to restrict access to your router's interface. We have a guide titled Choosing a Strong Password full of helpful tips and ideas. Please feel free to use this guide when making your new password.

Tip: As long as this router is in your home or other secure location, it's okay to write this password down on a sticky-note and attach it to the underside of the Buffalo WBMR-G125 for future reference.

Setup WiFi on the Buffalo WBMR-G125

Now take a look at your wireless settings. The SSID/network name has been reset so you need to update that. You may need to change your security method if it is not as strong as it should be. We recommend WPA2 with a strong password. For a full set of instructions check out our guide titled How to Setup WiFi on the Buffalo WBMR-G125.

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This is the reset router guide for the Buffalo WBMR-125G. We also have the following guides for the same router: