How to Reset the Huawei HG8245H

Have you tried to login to the Huawei HG8245H router without success? It might be time to consider a reset. When I use the term reset I am referring to a complete factory restore of all settings. When I use the term reboot I am referring to a cycle of the power to the unit. No settings will be changed in a reboot.

Warning: Resetting the Huawei HG8245H router is a big step and should not be taken lightly. We recommend creating a list of all the settings that may need to be reconfigured after the reset is complete. Some of these settings include:

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Reset the Huawei HG8245H

Looking at the image below you can see that the reset button is located on the side panel of the Huawei HG8245H router. Also note that this button is less of a button and more of a pinhole. This is done to avoid accidental resets.

First of all be sure the router is on. Second take a straightened paperclip or similar object and press down on the button for more than 10 seconds. This is important because if you don't hold it down that long you end up only rebooting the router instead of resetting it.

Please consider your other options first. A reset erases every single setting you have ever changed in the past.

Login to the Huawei HG8245H

After you've reset the Huawei HG8245H router you'll want to log into it. This can be accomplished by using the factory default username and password. Not sure where you can find these? We have them listed for your use in our Login Guide.

Tip: Keep from losing your new password by writing it on a note and attaching it to the bottom of your router.

Change Your Password

Following that you'll want to set a new password for your router. This can be whatever you like, however keep in mind that a strong password includes no personal information and is 14-20 characters in length. For more help be sure to take a look through our Choosing a Strong Password Guide.

Tip: Afraid of losing your new password? Try writing it on a sticky note and putting it on the underside of your router.

Setup WiFi on the Huawei HG8245H

The next step is to begin the reconfiguration process. This needs to include the WiFi settings if you plan on using this router as a way to access a wireless network. For a great guide on this subject check out our Huawei HG8245H WiFi Instructions.

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