3BB NT3BB-4PWN Default Password

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When you need to login to your 3BB NT3BB-4PWN router interface you probably need to know the default username and password.

Note: This is not the same as rebooting your router. Rebooting refers to turning your router off and then on again to cycle the power. Resetting your router erases all your personal configurations and returns the router to how it was out of factory.

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Default Password for the 3BB NT3BB-4PWN

The table below contains all the known 3BB NT3BB-4PWN default usernames and passwords. Try all of them in order to login to your router config screen.

admin 3bb

It's possible the above list won't work for your router. Router manufacturers are always updating their firmware to keep up with the growing technology. Sometimes these new updates contain a new default username or password.

If the above usernames and passwords didn't work. Go ahead and try these 3BB passwords as well.

Note: The router username and password are rarely the same as the Internet username and password.

Default IP Address for the 3BB NT3BB-4PWN

You will also need to know the default 3BB NT3BB-4PWN router IP address. This is what you type into the address bar at the top of the page. This is how your computer locates your router on your network.

Here is a list of all known 3BB NT3BB-4PWN default IP addresses.

Tip: If your router's default IP address is not showing up in the above list then go ahead and try our free Router Detector software.

3BB NT3BB-4PWN Password Does Not Work

There are a lot of different reasons that the 3BB NT3BB-4PWN default passwords are not working. The most common reason is that someone at some point in the past changed it.

If you have tried all the above combinations and still cannot login you need to reset your router to the original factory defaults. Our How to Reset the 3BB NT3BB-4PWN guide will help you do that.

Be sure to read the warnings at the top of that page. You could disrupt your Internet connection if you don't know your ISP username and password.


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This is the password guide for the 3BB NT3BB-4PWN.We also have the following guides for the same router: