How to Reset the Asus TM-AC1900

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In this guide we talk about resetting the Asus TM-AC1900 router to factory defaults. There is confusion about the difference between resetting a router and rebooting a router. When the word reboot is used it means cycling the power by turning it off and back on again. Resetting a router is referring to reverting all configurations back to factory settings.

Warning: Do not reset your router until you have thoroughly considered the consequences. We have a partial list of what will be changed after resetting your router.

  • The router interface username and password are reset.
  • The WiFi security is reset meaning a default Internet password, SSID, and security method.
  • If you use a DSL router you need to re-enter the ISP username and password in order to access the Internet after the reset.
  • All configurations are erased. This could include port forwards, IP address changes, or firewall changes.

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Reset the Asus TM-AC1900

Once you have decide to reset the Asus TM-AC1900 router you need to make sure it is on. Do not unplug or turn off the router during the reset process as that could cause permanent damage.

Locate the tiny recessed reset button on the back panel of the router. We have circled it's location in the image below.

router reset factory settings
This is the reset page from your Asus TM-AC1900 router.

Take the sharp end of a pencil or unwound paperclip and press the reset button for approximately 10 seconds.

Don't forget this erases all configurations you have made to your router in the past. Make sure you have exhausted other troubleshooting options before continuing.

Login to the Asus TM-AC1900

Now you need to login to the Asus TM-AC1900 router using the factory default username and password. Sometimes these can be tricky to find if you don't have the user manual. We have found these for you and added them to our Asus TM-AC1900 Login Guide.

Change Your Password

After logging in you should immediately change that default password. If you have trouble coming up with new passwords check out our Choosing a Strong Password guide for helpful ideas and tips.

Setup WiFi on the Asus TM-AC1900

The last thing we will mention is the WiFi settings. Since your WiFi settings have been reset as well your security could be non-existent. Some router manufacturers leave the security method open meaning there is no security. Change this to WPA2-PSK. For a full set of instructions please read our How to Setup WiFi on the Asus TM-AC1900.

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This is the reset router guide for the Asus TM-AC1900. We also have the following guides for the same router: