Asus RT-N66U Network Map

This is the Network Map screen from the Asus RT-N66U router.

Keywords on The Asus RT-N66U Network Map Screenshot

The following words were detected on the Asus RT-N66U Network Map screenshot.

2 4GHz 5GHz Change the network that RT-N66U will connect to Wireless name SSID Authentication Method Open System Shared Key WPA-Personal WPA2-Personal WPA-Auto-Personal WPA-Enterprise WPA2-Enterprise WPA-Auto-Enterprise Radius with 802 1x WEP Encryption None WEP-64 WEP-128 Key Index Key1 Key2 Key3 Key4 WEP Key WPA Encryption AES TKIP AES WPA-PSK key Wireless radio AiRadar LAN IP PIN code LAN MAC address Wireless 2 4GHz MAC address Wireless 5GHz MAC address