Netgear C6250EMR GatewayStatus

This is the GatewayStatus screen from the Netgear C6250EMR router.

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NETGEAR Gateway C6250EMR   C6250EMR     Logout      Firmware Version BASIC ADVANCED   A gateway firmware upgrade is available.      -->   --> --> --> Home Cable Connection Wireless Network Map Parental Controls Voice ReadySHARE Guest Network ADVANCED Home Setup Wizard --> WPS Wizard Setup Internet Setup Wireless Setup WAN Setup LAN Setup Broadband Settings Mobile Broadband Settings Loopback IP QoS Setup Guest Network Wifi HotSpots USB Storage --> Basic Settings Advanced Settings Media Server Security Parental Controls Access Control Block Sites Block Services Schedule E-mail Administration Gateway Status Router Mode Voice Status Logs Network Map Backup Settings Set Password Event Log Diagnostics Speed Test Wireless Channel Wireless AP Gateway Update --> Advanced Setup Wireless Settings Wireless Repeating --> Port Forwarding / Port Triggering Dynamic DNS Static Routes --> Remote Management UPnP NAT Mode --> IPv6 --> Traffic Meter --> USB Settings Traffic Meter   Help & Support  Documentation  --> Documentation  | GNU GPL  Online Support Gateway FAQ --> SEARCH HELP -->