Netgear FWG114Pv2 Email

This is the Email screen from the Netgear FWG114Pv2 router.

Keywords on The Netgear FWG114Pv2 Email Screenshot

The following words were detected on the Netgear FWG114Pv2 Email screenshot.

E-mail E-mail nbsp Turn e-mail notification on nbsp Send alerts and logs by e-mail Send to this E-mail Address Outgoing Mail Server nbsp Send E-Mail alerts immediately If a DoS attack is detected If abnormal TCP flag scan is detected If someone attempts to access a blocked site nbsp Send logs according to this schedule When Log is Full Hourly Daily Weekly None Day nbsp Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Time 12 00 1 00 2 00 3 00 4 00 5 00 6 00 7 00 8 00 9 00 10 00 11 00 a m p m nbsp nbsp