Huawei B593 Zain InternetSettings

This is the InternetSettings screen from the Huawei B593 Zain router.

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Huawei B593 Zain Router 4G LTE V100R001C186SP065 Status Setup Wizard General Settings Security Settings NAT Settings USB Management System Logout SIM Settings Internet Settings DHCP Settings WLAN Settings WLAN WPS WLAN Multi-SSID WLAN Access Restrictions Internet MTU Routing General Settings -> Internet Settings Internet Settings APN settings vary with the operator. If the current APN does not match the operator, Internet services may be unavailable. Note: Configure the APN after consulting with the operator. Data Connect Data connection: Connected Network mode: Auto Data APN: Auto APN Connection mode: Always on APN Profile Index APN Dialed Number User Name Password Authentication Data Connect Provides Internet accesses of data services. When Data connection is displayed as Connected, Internet accesses are available. Network mode: indicates the mode of Internet access. The value Auto indicates that you can select a network mode automatically. The previous mode is preferentially selected. Data APN: indicates access point of data services. Auto APN: indicates that you can automatically the APN based on the SIM card. Connection mode: indicates the network connection mode. The value Always on indicates that the router is automatically connected and always online. The value Manual indicates that you connect or disconnect the router manually. When the network is disconnected due to an exception, the router does not automatically attempt to connect the network. APN Profile Displays all saved APNs. Edit APN Profile: You can modify or add an access point.