Huawei B593 Zain Upgrade

This is the Upgrade screen from the Huawei B593 Zain router.

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Huawei B593 Zain Router 4G LTE V100R001C186SP065 Status Setup Wizard General Settings Security Settings NAT Settings USB Management System Logout Device Information Reset Backup & Recovery Upgrade Password Change Date & Time Diagnosis Log System -> Upgrade Upgrade You can perform a local upgrade or remote upgrade. In a remote upgrade, the system obtains the latest version from the server. Note: The router will be restarted after an upgrade. Do not power off the router during the upgrade. In the curcial stage of an upgrade, all indicators except POWER on the router panel blink simultaneously. At this time, do not power off the router. Otherwise, it may be severely damaged. Local Upgrade Click Upgrade to upload your file. Upgrade file: Http Upgrade Note: The router is using the latest software version. Upgrade the software regularly. Local Upgrade Upgrades software with the local file. To upgrade software, you must obtain the file. Then, click Upgrade to upload your file. Upgrade: click this button to download the latest upgrade file and start the upgrade after a new version is detected. Http Upgrade Performs remote upgrade, including detection, download, and upgrade. Check: click this button to check the latest version.