Huawei B593 Zain PasswordChange

This is the PasswordChange screen from the Huawei B593 Zain router.

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Huawei B593 Zain Router 4G LTE V100R001C186SP065 Status Setup Wizard General Settings Security Settings NAT Settings USB Management System Logout Device Information Reset Backup & Recovery Upgrade Password Change Date & Time Diagnosis Log System -> Password Change Password Change You are advised to change the password after inital login. Note: Do not forget your new password. If yes, click the Reset button on the router housing to restore factory settings. Password Change User name: Admin Current password: New password: (6-15 ASCII Characters) Confirm password: (6-15 ASCII Characters) Password Change Changes the login password of the admin user. Current password: enters the old password. New password: enters the new password. Confirm password: enters the new password again.