Huawei B593 Zain UPnP

This is the UPnP screen from the Huawei B593 Zain router.

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Huawei B593 Zain Router 4G LTE V100R001C186SP065 Status Setup Wizard General Settings Security Settings NAT Settings USB Management System Logout DMZ Port Mapping UPnP SIP ALG NAT Settings -> UPnP UPnP After UPnP is enabled, port mapping is provided automatically, and common services are provided in the network. UPnP UPnP: Enable UPnP Port Mapping Index Protocol Remote Port Local Host Local Port UPnP Provides automatic port mapping (also called port forwarding). When a computer communicates with the Internet, the router provides automatic NAT mapping as required. In this situation, traditional services (for example Netmeeting) can also perform NAT. UPnP Port Mapping Sets the rules of automatic port mapping using UPnP.