How to Reset the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2

On this page I will be explaining how to reset the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2 router. You may need to do this if you are unable to access your router's interface.

Before I begin do you know the difference between a reset and a reboot? In this guide when I refer to a reboot I am referring to a cycle in the power to the unit. When I refer to a reset I am referring to a complete factory restore of all settings.

Warning: Resetting the router is a big step and should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of settings that are changed in a reset. All settings you have ever changed are reverted back to how they were when they left the factory. Some of these settings include:

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Reset the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2

Below is an image of the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2 back panel. I have circled the reset button for you in red.

While the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2 router is on, take a straightened paperclip and press down on the reset button for only about 3 seconds. This starts the reset process. Be aware that some Huawei routers will simply reboot if the reset button is not held down long enough.

Remember a reset is going to erase every single setting you have ever changed in the past. Please consider other options before you decide to reset the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2 router.

Login to the Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2

Following that you'll want to log into your Huawei SmartAX-MT800v2 router. This is done by using the factory default username and password provided for your use in our Login Guide.

Tip: Defaults not working for you? Try holding the reset button down for longer.

Change Your Password

After you've successfully reset and logged into your router we recommend setting a new password for it. This can be anything you want it to be, however remember that a strong password is 14-20 characters in length and includes no personal information. For more help be sure to take a look through our Choosing a Strong Password Guide.

Tip: Keep yourself from losing your new password by writing it on a sticky note and attaching it to the bottom of your router.


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